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Grant Funding for a Sustainable Future

In order to reach it’s Net Zero Carbon Emissions target by 2050, the UK Government has committed to help public sector buildings convert from fossil based fuels to greener alternatives. It is taking a whole building approach, so it is providing funding for technologies like Solar PV, Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps, but also funding to improve insulation of Doors Windows, Walls, and Roofing.

Stage 1

Applying for the funding to produce a detailed Heat Decarbonisation Plan (HDP), which, though detailed surveying, leads to an HDP report that identifies where the energy losses are and provides proposed solutions to minimise or eradicate your business’ reliance on fossil fuels.

Stage 2

Applying for the capital funding to purchase and install the greener alternatives highlighted by the HDP.

How to get involved

These are large grants and the process can be a daunting one, but Concept UK offers a consultancy service that will walk you through step by step.

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