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LED for Schools

LED lighting is particularly suited to the school environment. Primarily, it will bring you the instant savings you are seeking. Energy consumption is reduced by 60-90%. Commonly this translates to savings in the order of several thousands of pounds per year for smaller premises through to tens of thousands of pounds for larger premises.


These savings are only made all the greater by the energy price hikes we have been seeing in the UK. The systems we have installed are paying for themselves within 3 to 4 years, and this is shortening as the price per KW increases.

Large Primary School

Annual Savings
Usage kWh
Electricity @13p/kWh
Electricity @19p/kWh
Electricity @28p/kWh

Large Secondary or Higher Education Premises

Annual Savings
Usage kWh
Electricity @13p/kWh
Electricity @19p/kWh
Electricity @28p/kWh

LEDs come with many important benefits other than savings…

Better learning environment

Studies show the brain is much more receptive and alert with the correct light levels.

Better teaching environment

LEDs closely emulate natural light, this produces a more comfortable environment, more in tune with our bodies. It can also reduce the effects of staff absence through lighting induced migraines.

Improved performance and mood

The light from LEDs can help stimulate the production of the right chemicals in our bodies. This aids our awake/sleep cycles and can even help combat the effects of conditions as significant as Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Transforms environment

LEDs will really lift a tired looking space in to a modern, purposeful, more pleasant work environment.


A properly-lit area is a safer area.

Minimal maintenance and cost

LEDs have an average life expectancy of 15+ years in an educational setting, made even more economical in those hard-to-reach areas that may need specialist equipment to access them, e.g. halls and gyms and outdoor lighting.

Cleaner profiles

Cleaner fitting profiles with smooth, sealed units minimises dust build up at higher levels.

Better for the planet

Reducing your energy usage lowers your carbon footprint helping your school play its part in helping the UK towards meeting its carbon reduction targets, and the units themselves don’t contain any harmful mercury like the old fluorescent tubes do.

Improve your lighting now...

Should you wish to not pay for it up front, we offer simple financing options which means it pays for itself through the savings that LEDs make for you, so there is no upfront capital outlay required. With our free, no-obligations audit, we are quickly able to show the actual savings that your business can expect to receive, so why not contact us now?

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